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Elena Eros' unique education in Fine Art in Russia (following great traditions of Russian Impressionism) and Applied Art Education in Hungary (specializing in Fashion design), allow her to describe her subject matters in unique ways. Her classical academical education gives her solid foundation of Realism, her training in design on the other hand inspires her to stylize and interpret. Having studied drawing and painting under renowned Russian Artists, and anatomy under a Professor in Medical University and Fashion and other famous Hungarian Designers, she combines the experience of an Academically trained artist with fresh uniqueness of an esthete & couturier. Being “raised” in Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum and Hermitage and having lived in several countries gave her an opportunity to approach different subject matters in various styles with ease and elegance. She is a multi-faceted artist who is fascinated by the world surrounding her and inspired by opportunities to speak to different people in multiple languages. Elena is also a passionate teacher and instructor. Ms. Eros has been traveling extensively. She has been inspired by what she has seen and paints after her travels and experiences. Elena Eros has been creating numerous bodies of works using vibrant color palette, stressing dynamic movement of fabrics, draperies and expressive brush work as a unification between seemingly unrelated subject matters: racecourses, pick nicks, hot air balloons, scenes from her travel to India an many more.