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Ms Eros had her first experience in riding at the age of 12, when she joined "Trud" horse riding School, where she observed the most famous Russian horsemen and women. Since then she has been drawing and painting horses. Ms Eros lived near Windsor and Ascot Race Courses in Great Britain, where she had an opportunity to sketch and observe equestrian scenes on a daily basis. Her popular “Hats” series showing her unique vision of various equestrian events, inspired by famous Ascot Race Courses, began there. After Elena Eros moved to the USA, she started to paint Palominos, Arabians, Thoroughbred, miniatures, American Saddles breed and more.... Elena Eros was an Artist in Residence at Turf Paradise Race Track in Phoenix, AZ and at Emerald Downs in WA, where she was awarded First Place (The Campbell Award for Oil) at the Equine Art 2013 show. She is a member of American Academy of Equine Art and takes part at the Exhibitions "by Invitation Only" on a regular basis. Elena Eros is taking commissions on paintings of various equestrian events, portraits of horses of all breeds with their owners. She travels nationally and internationally and prefers to paint portraits from her life sketches, photographs. She also does portraits from photos provided by the owners.