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Elena Eros came to her Faith in Jesus Christ in 1990 in Christ Church England. She went back to Budapest where she was a member of Faith Church, where the largest charismatic revival in Eastern Europe took place. Elena Eros was actively involved in many aspects of the Church art work: illustrating coloring books for children, designing stage decorations & costumes, illustrating the Church magazines. She was asked to paint live as part of the worship and service in Gold Canyon Community Church in 2008. After that has been invited to paint “life” in front of the congregations on the stages of AZ Churches. She was part of the worship team in the “I love Christmas” Tour in 2011. She painted every evening, in 22 Churches in Arizona, California & Nevada. Every night at the end of the concert her painting was auctioned and 50% of the proceeds went to support the“Save the Youth of America”team. In 2012 Elena Eros paintings were rewarded with “Special Recognition and Press Release” at the International Judeo-Christian Juried Exhibition at the Upstream People Gallery. Watch Ms Eros painting live on YOUTUBE: “The creation of Adam by Elena”. When Elena Eros is asked to paint in front of the Congregation, she meditates upon a given Scripture, Title of the Service or the core message. She prays, searches and sketches until she gets her own unique visual interpretation of that specific Biblical or Spiritual Event. Ms Eros works in Acrylic on a white canvas and finishes within one or two hours. Her Biblical Hero is Bezalel – Exodus 31: 1-11 Elena Eros is also a guest speaker on Biblical Art and she has numerous testimonies from people being inspired, influenced or even drawn to Jesus through her paintings.